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This is a current list of the books written by Paul Von Blum and the links where you can buy them. 

  • Paul Robeson for Beginners,  for beginners llc, 2014


  • Racism and the Law, Cognella, 2012


  • A Life at the Margins: Keeping the Political Vision, The New World African Press, 2011


  • Resistance, Dignity, and Pride: African American Artists in Los Angeles, Ralph Bunche Center for African American Studies, UCLA, 2004


  • Other Visions, Other Voices: Women Political Artists in Greater Los Angeles, University Press of America, 1995


  • Foundations of Freedom, Constitutional Rights Foundation, 1991 (with John Rhodehamel and Stephen Rohde; textbook on U.S. history with a focus on the development and meaning of the Bill of Rights)


  • Stillborn Education: A Critique of the American Research University, University Press of America, 1986  (Chapter 6, "Student Complicity in Educational Mediocrity," reprinted in Beyond the Conventions: Studies in Prose Writing, Jeanne Gunner, Harper and Row, 1989)


  • The Critical Vision: A History of Social and Political Art in the United States, South End Press, 1982 (Chapter 1, "Introduction," reprinted as "The Critical Vision" in Peace Review, 5-2 (1993)


  • Audrey Preissler: An American Humanist Artist of Today, Helikon, 1981


  • The Art of Social Conscience, Universe Books, 1976

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